Need some way to break up the winter blahs in your classroom? Try celebrating the 100th day of school! Incorporate math and counting lessons into the day that can be both fun and educational. It’s a great way to congratulate kids on their hard work thus far, especially kindergarteners who have made it half way through their first year of school.

Check out some 100th Day activities below and share some of your own:

  • Make 100th Day Trail Mix
    Have each student bring in 100 pieces of cereal, marshmallows, raisins or other small treats. Mix the ingredients together for a yummy 100th Day snack mix.
  • Share 100 Things
    Send home a large zip-top bag and ask each student to bring back 100 items that can fit in the bag. Each person counts the items as they present to the class. Some ideas include coins, cotton balls and paper clips. Last year, my daughter shared her large collection of rubber bracelets with her kindergarten class.
  • Play 100th Day Hopscotch
    Use sidewalk chalk (if weather cooperates) or painters tape to create a hopscotch board. Label the 10 boxes up to 100, by 10s. It’s a fun way to count and get moving.
  • Create a Giant Game Board
    Use pieces of construction paper to create a life-size game board. Label each square with a number 1 to 100. Kids roll dice and count their way to the finish line. For a bigger challenge, start at 100 and count backwards.
  • Have a Penny Drive
    Collect pennies and have the class help count the groups of coins that make up each dollar. Use the collected money for an end-of-the-year party or donate to a local cause.

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