Last week we asked our Facebook fans which piece of school furniture or equipment they couldn’t live without in their classroom.  Since we have such a large and diverse fan base, we expected a wide variety of answers. But we were a bit surprised at how many duplicate answers there were.  Eight items appeared repeatedly in the 70+ posts, so we thought we’d share them with you:

  1. Activity Tables – Students can do everything at an activity table, from reading groups, art projects and snack time. Teachers also noted that the kidney-shaped activity tables helped facilitate student instruction.
  2. Whiteboards – Convenient, dustless, versatile. . .there are so many reasons that teachers love whiteboards. And with several features to choose from — including size and writing surface — there’s one for every classroom and budget. Check out our You Tube video “How to Choose a Dry Erase Board” for more details.
  3. Bookshelves – So many teachers listed them as their most important piece of classroom furniture. With all the books, binders and paperwork a teacher has to store, it’s no surprise that you can never have too many bookshelves.
  4. Teacher Desks – Used for student and parent meetings, desks also give a teacher a place to sit, relax or work on paperwork after a long day of standing.
  5. Carts – Rolling carts are often a teacher’s mobile assistant in the classroom. They’re a place to set up and store laptops, paperwork, overhead projectors, books and student supplies. One art teacher posted that her cart holds pottery; another said that her media cart makes everything “visible” to the students.
  6. Podiums – Particularly handy for high school teachers and college professors, podiums are now designed to be desks, media presentation centers, and mobile carts. They’re another essential tool for today’s on-the-go teachers.
  7. Classroom Rugs – They provide a colorful and comfortable spot to gather for sharing and stories – what’s not to love? School rugs come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and themes. It’s hard to choose just one!
  8. Teacher Chairs – A comfortable chair is obviously a must.  Add wheels and a pneumatic lever, and it helps you work smarter.

Overhead projectors, interactive whiteboards and classroom tables also received an honorable mention. Did your classroom “must-have” make our list? And what do you think the students’ perspectives would be?