College students are wrapping up exams and hitting the road home for holiday break. Between studying, packing and a lack of funding, there’s not been much time for shopping. Hanukkah is only nine days away, and Christmas will be here in less than two weeks.  So what can a broke college student give their parents that will be meaningful during this hectic time?  We found an article from US News & World Report that has some great ideas. Here are a few of our staff’s favorites:

  • A day off from cooking dinner (including clean-up)
  • A day of volunteering with parents at their favorite organization
  • A personal scrapbook of the work you’ve been doing in college
  • A framed portrait with siblings

Keep in mind that a hand-written letter of appreciation and love is one of the best things a parent can receive from their child.

And if you’re the parent buying for your college student? There’s also a list of 10 useful gift ideas.  Here are five sure bets:

  • An emergency kit that includes band-aids and other first aid supplies
  • Gift cards to essential places, like the grocery or drug store
  • A basket of toiletries like soap, toothpaste and laundry detergent
  • A job-hunting kit that includes a nice portfolio, pen and high quality paper for printing resumes
  • A personalized business card holder

We’d like to hear about the gifts you’ve given to the college students in your life.  And we wish you all safe holiday travels and a relaxing winter break!