It’s that time of year. You’re scrambling to wrap up your annual lesson plan. And thanks to snow days (depending on where you live) or sick days… there just isn’t enough time to cover it all.

How do you and your students make the most of the end of the year?

Rather than rush to finish it all, why not reflect on the year’s successes? One idea suggested by The New York Times  is to allow each student to look back at what they’ve accomplished during the year by creating a portfolio of their best work.

This idea makes sense for several reasons. As The Times suggests, we remember things at peaks, or how they end. This means students will enjoy looking back at what they’ve created. Each student can feel a sense of pride in what they’ve produced for you. Not every assignment may warrant special attention, but collectively they comprise a body of work. You can feel a sense of accomplishment as well when you recall the great work they produced.

Another terrific idea from The Times: have each student write a letter to their future self, about memories of the year. You can collect them and return them at a later date. What a great way to help the student recall how they felt about themselves and their class.

Hope these shared ideas make the end of the year a smoother, more relaxed time. Just remember… summer’s right around the corner.