The school year is winding down, and summer is almost here. Your students are getting antsy, and quite frankly, so are you. It might be difficult trying to plan lessons for the last week of school, so we want to help. Inspired by Pinterest, we’ve gathered some popular end of the school year activities. Enjoy!

  1. ABC Alphabet Book
    You can either give kids a worksheet of the alphabet in a list or they can create it themselves. Next to each letter, students write a word or phrase describing what they learned this year. It gives students an opportunity to reflect and you the chance to see what lessons stood out the most in their minds.
  2. Letter to Next Year’s Students
    Just as the name sounds, have your students write a letter to next year’s class about what to expect in ___ grade, as well as their favorite and least favorite part of being in ___ grade. They can do this individually or in small groups or you could do it as a class.
  3. Year on a Graph
    Students reflect on their favorite moments of the school year and use them to create an illustrated graph.
  4. Science Day
    Make your own science fun, and enjoy the great outdoors with these homemade recipes for sidewalk chalk, flubber, play-dough, bubbles, silly putty and goo. The students will love it!
  5. Time Capsule
    This is a great activity for older students. Students reflect on what happened both in and out of the classroom throughout the year, then create a time capsule to document it. If the students will be in the same school next year, it would be neat to have them create the capsule now and open it at the end of the next school year, or you could have your class five years from now open it, to see how much (or little) has changed. This can be done individually, in small groups or as a class.

Good luck with the end of the school year!