Teachers spend hours outside of the classroom preparing lesson plans. What if you could get paid for all that time and effort? Many teachers do, thanks to the website TeachersPayTeachers. The self-described “marketplace for educators” makes it easy for teachers to sell their lesson plans to other teachers.

At least two teachers are making a living off writing and selling their lesson plans. Rachel Lynette works seven days a week, with a goal of making $100 per day. By all accounts, she is successful, earning more than $3,300 in October. Lynette began selling lessons when she left her full-time teaching job to raise two children.

Deanna Jump also found quick success on TeachersPayTeachers. In the past year, she has earned $230,000 selling her lesson plans to other teachers around the country. Jump, who has been on the site for three years, still teaches Kindergarten and only sells lessons that she has used in her classroom.

However, the practice of selling lesson plans is not without controversy. In a 2009 article on the subject, The New York Times reported that there has been some dispute over who owns material developed for public school classrooms. If teachers use district resources to create the lesson plans, should districts share in the proceeds? Jump and other sellers on TeachersPayTeachers defend themselves, noting the hours they spend outside of the school day developing lessons. “This is my second job,” Jump says.

Do you think it’s ok for teachers to sell their lesson plans? Have you ever sold your lesson plans? If not, would you?