From three-ring binders and fresh new No. 2 pencils to packs of crayons and tissues, parents everywhere are stocking up on school supplies as the new school year commences. The process brings with it the question – “To share or not to share?”Three-Ring Binders

Shared school supplies are becoming more and more popular in schools, especially for younger grades. Parents are still expected to purchase the glue, markers and other items on the school supplies list, but instead of writing their child’s name on each box or container for personal use, the supplies are placed in a community bin for all to use.

The positive of shared school supplies is that it ensures that each child is properly equipped for the school day, whether or not his or her parents bothered to send in supplies. Also, there is no arguing over one student taking another’s pencil, scissors or other supplies. There is less need for personal storage since supplies can be kept in community buckets.

But not everyone is excited about shared supplies. Some parents argue that it is not fair that they are expected to provide supplies for children whose parents simply chose not to purchase the items. Plus, not all children treat supplies with the same level of respect. Writing with a chewed-on pencil can be pretty unappealing, especially when you weren’t the one who did the chewing.

Does your school do shared school supplies? What are your thoughts?