Take a drive around most neighborhoods and it is easy to see that kids are spending less and less time outside. According to research cited by the National Wildlife Federation, children are spending half as much time outside as they did 20 years ago. Electronics are pulling our kids indoors and away from the many benefits of enjoying the great outdoors.

Some of the benefits of frequent outdoor exposure listed in the NWF article include:

  • A decrease in the chance for obesity
  • Increased levels of Vitamin D
  • A possible increase in scores on standardized tests
  • Lower stress levels

What are the outdoor areas like at your school? How often are students permitted to play, eat and explore outside? We recently added hundreds of new UltraSite products to our website that are sure to spruce up your outdoor areas and to help kids (and adults!) better enjoy being out in nature. Find picnic tables, benches, planters and more. Many of the UltraSite products

UltraSite Preschool Picnic Tablecome with an earth-friendly, PVC-free thermoplastic coating. The coating adds years of life to your outdoor furniture and comes in a big selection of colors.

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