The frenzy to locate and purchase the “hot” toy of the year is underway. Chances are your child’s holiday wish list includes a tech gadget, superhero, or some other mass-marketed item. While these toys may provide entertainment and even some educational benefit, sometimes the old-fashioned classics just can’t be beat. A prime example: wood blocks.

Who doesn’t remember that special set of well-loved blocks from their childhood? All you needed were colorful shapes of wood and a big imagination.  Castles, forts, houses, cities – they all came to life with a little patience and trial and error. But it turns out that playing with blocks builds a foundation for learning more complex math concepts down the road. And one study suggests that block play improves language skills in toddlers. In group learning settings, collaborative block building provides teamwork opportunities for students. The positive aspects of block play are endless.

So consider adding a set of blocks to your holiday lineup this year.  We carry several varieties at excellent prices.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to inspire your child’s imagination!