Do you have an interactive whiteboard in your classroom? If not, it’s likely that it’s at the top of your wish list. Teachers who are fortunate enough to have their own interactive whiteboards love the way they engage students and make classroom lessons easier to share. My husband is using an interactive whiteboard in his eighth-grade math classroom for the first time this year and is officially hooked.

One problem educators have with interactive whiteboards is that the board takes up valuable writing space at the front of the classroom. Sometimes when interactive whiteboards are installed, traditional dry erase boards are removed or covered, leaving teachers with fewer options for class participation. Marsh’s new Integro Interactive Whiteboard has a solution for the problem.Marsh Integro Interactive Whiteboard

The Marsh Integro Interactive Whiteboard features a high-quality enamel-on-steel surface that serves as a dry erase writing surface as well as an interactive whiteboard. There’s no need to plan around the installation of your new interactive whiteboard since the Integro board provides up to a 16′ long, seamless writing surface. Marsh partnered with technology leader, mimio® to develop this innovative board right here in the USA. The board is so durable that it comes backed by a life-of-the-building guarantee.

Since the Integro board is capable of recording your lessons, you’ll spend less time writing notes and more time helping students. The recording feature is also valuable in providing notes for absent students.

SCHOOLSin is one of the first dealers to offer Marsh’s Integro Interactive Whiteboard. Check out our site to read more about the Integro and consider how it can change your classroom for the better.