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Sagus CEO Answers 8th Grader’s Plea to Congress

When 8th grader Ty’Sheoma Bethea wrote to Congress in 2009 asking for help for her dilapidated school, Congress wasn’t the only one who heard her plea. President Obama quoted her letter in his February address to Congress, a speech that caught the attention of Darryl Rosser, former CEO of Sagus International.

Rosser decided to visit Bethea’s school. After touring the rundown J.V. Martin Middle School, Rosser knew he had to do something. He rallied his employees at Sagus International to manufacture more than a quarter of a million dollars worth of furniture for the South Carolina school.

Rosser’s generosity was recently featured on 20/20. Watch the clip below to hear more of his story.

SCHOOLSin is proud to carry the Artco-Bell and Midwest Folding product lines of Sagus International.

School Pride

NBC’s version of “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” for schools helps rebuild what many are lacking these days — school spirit. So many schools are crumbling at the foundation that students have lost a sense of pride in their facilities. Everyone knows how important a safe and appealing school setting is to the learning process, yet often the funds just aren’t there. School Pride enlists manpower, determination (and a bit of commercialization) to accomplish the impossible. This show brings students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members together to rebuild, repaint, reorganize and repurpose a school to better serve all. School Pride is one reality series that you can actually feel good about.

Several school furniture manufacturers – like Virco and Midwest Folding – have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of furniture to update these schools. Kudos to the parents, students, administrators, TV production crews, designers, school equipment manufacturers and contractors that are rebuilding pride one school at a time. Check out a few episodes on NBC.com.

A Midwestern Tradition

More than 60 years ago Midwest Folding Products produced its first piece of school furniture. Today, with corporate offices and two manufacturing plants located in Chicago, it remains a rarity in the industry. While other companies pursue the most cost-efficient manufacturing processes, Midwest adheres to its Midwestern roots, relying on quality workmanship and superior regional materials to produce the finest school furniture and equipment. They are able to take advantage of the local raw material and machinery suppliers to continually manufacture their merchandise right where it all began. All parts of the process – from conception to finished product – are handled by Midwest.

And Midwest Folding is a family-oriented company. Many of the employees are related to one another, and the average employee’s tenure is 14 years. That kind of loyalty and experience is hard to come by. So when you’re in the market for new school furniture, think not only about the product – but also the company and people behind it.