Who says school furniture has to be limited to a school setting? Since adding the “Pin It” option to the product pages on our website, we’ve been able to see how Pinterest users are considering our products for their homes.

Carpets for Kids Animal Sounds Preschool Rugs

From bright and colorful classroom rugs to traditional school furniture like school chairs and desks, our products are great additions to home playrooms, study areas and even kitchens. Since our products are made by companies that specialize in school furniture, they tend to be safer and more durable than most store-brand offerings. Some are even backed by a lifetime warranty.

How can school furniture find a place in your home? Consider these ideas!:

  • Storage Cubbies – Organize your play area with high-quality storage furniture that is sized just right for your little ones. Shop several top brands and still beat prices on less-durable cubbies and shelves found in stores.
  • Rugs – Whether your child loves animals, maps or something a little more interactive, we have the right rugs for your playroom. These highly durable rugs are all stain resistant and tested to stand up to the wear and tear of your little one’s busy days. Artco-Bell Discover Series HD Stacking Chairs
  • Stack Chairs – Give your eating area a contemporary touch by replacing traditional chairs with stack chairs in fun colors. Brighten your mornings by sitting in a vibrant and unique chair like a Sunset Orange Artco-Bell Discover Series HD Stacker Chair.
  • Lift Lid Desks – Want to go retro in your child’s study area? Check out our Artco-Bell lift-lid desks for a classic look combined with today’s excellent durability.
  • Whiteboards – Hang a whiteboard in your kitchen for a fun menu board or grocery reminder. Whiteboards are also a great way for kids to practice penmanship and to let their artistic side shine. We offer whiteboards in many sizes, so it’s easy to find the one that’s right for you.

For even more ideas on home uses for our products, check out our Pinterest page!