Fundraisers are a great way for schools to earn extra money for furniture, supplies, extracurricular activities and special trips. There’s the traditional fundraising route of selling sweets and seasonal items, but that’s not the only way to bring in additional funds for your school. Check out some fundraising ideas below:

Discount Cards

In this economy, people love the idea of a good deal. Ask local business to offer coupons and discounts that are printed onto a small plastic card. The discounts could be a one-time offer or last an entire year. Sell the cards to individuals in your community with all profits going to your school. Your only cost is the price of the cards. Check your area for a local printer or look online.

Box Tops for Education

Does your school collect Box Tops? Thousands of schools participate in the Box Tops for Education program every year. The concept is simple. Clip Box Top labels, found on many common grocery products like General Mills cereal, Betty Crocker cake mixes and Ziploc sandwich bags, and hand into your school. Appoint a PTO member or other person at your school to count and send in the labels to Box Tops for Education. Your school earns money for each Box Top submitted. According to the Box Top for Education website, American schools earned over $49 million through the program last year.


Instead of selling products, some schools opt to ask community members for sponsorship in special events like a walk-a-thon or read-a-thon. Students log time in a specified activity with all money raised going to the school. Small incentives like a pizza party for the class with the highest participation often encourage kids to take part.

Sell Goods

Most of us can probably remember the days of going door-to-door in our neighborhood to sell candy bars, wrapping paper or cookies. Because of safety reasons, many schools discourage the knock-and-sell approach these days, but goods-based fundraisers are still popular. Kids are encouraged to sell to family members, friends and – if Mom and Dad are willing to take the forms to the office – parents’ coworkers.

Does your school have fundraisers? Share your fundraising stories with us and maybe pick up an idea or two from other posters!