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Table and Chair Sets Make Planning Easy and Affordable

Finding coordinating chairs for your new tables can present a real challenge. Will a certain chair offer enough leg room when used with specific tables? What style looks the best with the tables you have chosen? How much will all of these separate pieces cost when added together? With help from our friends at National Public Seating and OFM, SCHOOLSin has put together dozens of table and chair sets that make outfitting your multipurpose room, science lab, office, classroom, training facility or cafeteria a breeze.NPS Folding Table & Chairs Set

Since the tables and chairs offered in each set are made by the same manufacturer, you can rest assured that the quality, warranty, style and shipping is consistent. Some of the table and chair packages even come with chair dollies and table trucks, saving you the hassle of finding storage and transport for your new furniture. All of these packages are available exclusively at SCHOOLSin.

Shop now and enjoy sale prices on all table and chair sets. Packages start at $154.75 and you’ll find many great options that are sure to fit in any budget.

NPS Science Table and Stools Set OFM Cafe Table & Chairs Set   OFM Conference Table & Manager's Chairs Set

Welcome, Artco-Bell

SCHOOLSin is pleased to be one of the first online dealers of Artco-Bell products, and we are excited to welcome them to our growing list of quality manufacturers.

Artco-Bell logo

Located in Temple, Texas, Artco-Bell has been an industry leader in the educational furniture market for more than 40 years. Innovative designs and advanced engineering methods set Artco-Bell apart from other companies.

Although best known for durable and modern school chairs, student desks, activity tables and computer tables, Artco-Bell backs all of its products with a 15-year warranty.

Artco-Bell’s classic Uniflex Series School Chair has been a classroom essential since 1962. Its comfortable and affordable design paved the way for other popular product lines, including the newest series, Discover. The Discover Series combines a contemporary design with an affordable price for unparalleled value.

All Artco-Bell product lines include an option for A+ size seats. A+ seats provide 30 percent more surface area than the average school chair to ensure students of all sizes are comfortable.

Browse Artco-Bell’s extensive collection of school furniture on the SCHOOLSin website. All products are GREENGUARD® Children and Schools Certified.

Artco-Bell is a division of Sagus International, parent company of Midwest Folding and LSI Corporation.

Real-Life Learning: Kids Design School Furniture

What happens when kids are given the freedom to design school furniture?

Good things, discovered industrial design firm Aruliden and furniture firm Bernhardt Design. Last fall, the two companies collaborated with eighth graders from The School at Columbia University on a project called Tools at Schools. Employees of Aruliden taught students about the design process, then students were given the opportunity to participate in the process Final Locker Designby designing a school locker, desk or chair.

The school jumped on board with the project, integrating Tools at Schools across the curriculum. Students calculated ratios in math, investigated materials in science and perfected presentation skills in English. They used this knowledge to help them conduct research, build prototypes and create detailed PowerPoints.

Aruliden and Bernhardt Design were so impressed with the students’ concepts that they decided to build prototypes of the final designs to exhibit at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in May.

Tools at Schools proves that when students apply information they learn in the classroom to solve real-life problems, amazing things can happen.

Update: The School at Columbia University won the 2011 ICFF Editors Award for Design School on May 14 at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Click here to visit the official Tools at Schools website

Giving Old School Furniture New Life

In today’s eco-friendly world, schools are more environmentally conscious than ever before. In the midst of energy-efficient lighting and sustainable building design, recycling remains at the foundation of what it means to “go green.” With time, the traditional definition of recycling has broadened to include the concept of repurposing, or using old products in a new way.

One New Jersey high school teacher recently discovered a creative way to repurpose furniture in his school. When it was time to get rid of the library’s old wood chairs, Industrial Technology teacher Timothy Zavacki decided he could use them for more than just scrap lumber. After researching, Zavacki developed a project to turn the chairs into stools.

Students disassembled the old chairs and attached shortened chair legs to existing seats. The result: durable and attractive stools, new furniture built using old materials. The school put the stools to use in the library and preschool.

Many others have found artistic and functional ways to repurpose old school furniture. These ideas are great for the classroom:

Beyond the Lop-Sided Desk – Classroom Environments that Enhance Learning

Welcome to the SCHOOLSin blog! This site is intended to be a fun and informative escape from the typical educational buzz out there on the Web. Read, relax and learn!

We all remember the days of sitting in the uncomfortable chair, attached to the desk that rocked back and forth on the uneven floor. Or was it the desk that was uneven? Regardless, a lot of mental energy was spent thinking about how miserable we were rather than on what the teacher was saying.

Fortunately, school administrators are starting to get it. It’s extremely difficult — if not impossible – to learn when you’re uncomfortable. The cold and stark institutional classrooms of yesterday are being phased out as fast as new schools are being built. In their place are colorful, warm and nurturing environments where creativity can flourish.

Of course money is always a factor. Some school districts simply do not have the resources available to buy new ergonomic chairs in appropriate sizes or comfortable sofas for reading areas. Yet there are several things that teachers can do themselves to improve the “learn-ability index” of their classrooms.

1. Desk Placement

Remember that where students are seated can affect learning. Make sure that all students can see the board and hear you from their desks. Consider special-needs students and where they may need to be placed within the room. There are several desk setups to consider: rows, doubles, tables, arcs and circles. Be creative, and use the style most effective for your students.

2. Group Learning

Designate an area where students can work in small groups or you can work with a group of students. This spot should be away from the desks. Have fun with the group learning station. Give it a monthly theme that can tie into lesson plans and enhance creativity. For younger students, create a safe and cozy gathering space complete with a rocking chair, child-themed area rug, and a chalkboard or whiteboard where thoughts can be shared.

3. Climate Control

It sounds like something a greenhouse worker would be more concerned with, but it’s very important. It’s difficult to focus when you’re feeling a cold draft. Make sure the little things aren’t getting in the way. Is the air or heat blowing directly on anyone? Is there a glare from the window? Is the old radiator buzzing too loudly around a group of students? Try to minimize these types of distractions with creative furniture placement.

4. Finishing Aesthetic Touches

The classroom is a “home away from home” for you and your students. It should be attractive as well as functional. Paint one wall a creative and calming color. Use colorful printed area rugs to soften the room and visually create smaller areas. Bring in several different types of plants – they make any room look more welcoming, and improve the air quality. And instead of the same old holiday themes that go with the standard bulletin boards, try something new and unique. Have students do an abstract portrait or painting of themselves in a lesson-related mural.

Enhancing a classroom can be fun. Get your co-workers involved. Brainstorm about new ideas. And of course, toss out that lop-sided desk if it’s possible. Your students may not think to thank you, but their overall concentration and creativity should improve. And that certainly makes your job easier!

Watch for our June post on greener schools!