Finding coordinating chairs for your new tables can present a real challenge. Will a certain chair offer enough leg room when used with specific tables? What style looks the best with the tables you have chosen? How much will all of these separate pieces cost when added together? With help from our friends at National Public Seating and OFM, SCHOOLSin has put together dozens of table and chair sets that make outfitting your multipurpose room, science lab, office, classroom, training facility or cafeteria a breeze.NPS Folding Table & Chairs Set

Since the tables and chairs offered in each set are made by the same manufacturer, you can rest assured that the quality, warranty, style and shipping is consistent. Some of the table and chair packages even come with chair dollies and table trucks, saving you the hassle of finding storage and transport for your new furniture. All of these packages are available exclusively at SCHOOLSin.

Shop now and enjoy sale prices on all table and chair sets. Packages start at $154.75 and you’ll find many great options that are sure to fit in any budget.

NPS Science Table and Stools Set OFM Cafe Table & Chairs Set   OFM Conference Table & Manager's Chairs Set