If you missed any of our 12 Days of School Furniture contest on Facebook, here’s a recap of the clues and answers. Thanks to all who played, and of course, thank you to our generous manufacturers, without whom this giveaway would not have been possible!

12th Day

Clue: Check our recent blog posts for your first clue. There are 12 of these in red, green and blue. Put them in your classroom to improve motor skills through play. Your preschoolers will stay entertained all day.

Answer:  12 Soft Play Blocks from ECR4Kids

11th Day

Clue: These 11″ plastic activity chairs are a great height for your young students. They come in five fun colors – blue, green, red, yellow and sand – and are made by the same manufacturer as the prize awarded this morning.

Answer: 11″ Plastic Activity Stack Chairs from ECR4Kids

10th Day

Clues: 1) This product can help you become the next Picasso, when you draw, chalk or paint a flower or rainbow. Made by the only manufacturer of the contest to date, this product has room for two to create.
2) If you like to use lots of colors with the above prize, this set of 10 will help you organize. With colors written in two languages on the side, you can proclaim that ‘rosa’ is ‘red’ with great pride.

Answers: 10 Learn Your Colors Paint Cups and an Adjustable Art Easel from ECR4Kids

9th Day

Clue: Kids will think these are pretty cool. Markers or chalk…choose the correct writing tool. They’re lightweight, portable and small. Letters or numbers, they can practice them all!

Answer: 9 Student Whiteboards from United Visual Products

8th Day

Clue: “Discover” these chairs whose name rings a Bell. Their 12″ seat height is great for kids just learning to spell. They have a comfy shell seat and legs of four. With features like these, who could ask for more?

Answer: 8 12″ Discover Series School Chairs from Artco-Bell

7th Day

Clue: Today’s featured product helps you engage the audio learners in your room. Let seven students use this at once, each with full control of their own volume. The included multimedia player fits tapes or CDs, so your students will master language skills with enjoyment and ease.

Answer: Listening Center with 7 Headsets & a CD/Cassette Player from Oklahoma Sound

6th Day

Clue: A 6-pack of these will help preschoolers count sheep. They neatly stack once kids wake from their sleep. Wider than most, in primary blue; they assemble quickly, and are washable too!

Answer: 6 Traditional Standard Cots from ECR4Kids

5th Day

Clue: “Rack” your brain to find our next prize. It helps you sort and organize. Five vertical sections and six horizontal trays, bring order to your busy work days.

Answer: Steel Combination Rack with Five Vertical Sections & Six Horizontal Trays from Safco

4th Day

Clue: These stylish chairs come in five seat “flavors” of fun. They’re easy to store – simply collapse when done. Constructed with plastic, these chairs are lightweight. Use them indoors or out – for either they’re great.

Answer: 4 Plastic Folding Chairs from OFM

3rd Day

Clue: LISTEN closely, what do you HEAR? Is that Santa, and his eight reindeer? No, these animal friends have a different job to do. Blocking out noise, and teaching lessons too! Wearing these, kids will feel very cool. They’re a perfect fit for your elementary school.

Answer: 3 styles of Animal-Themed Listening First Headphones from Califone

2nd Day

Clue: Listen to lessons or your favorite band, on a media player that fits in your hand. Two positions and headphones double the fun and make group learning easier for everyone.

Answer: Two-Position MP3 Listening Center from Califone

1st Day

Our final prize is the beautiful Power Rest Recliner Executive Chair from OFM, available in burgundy or black. The adjustable chair reclines in five positions and has padded armrests, a headrest and a full vinyl back.